Get the Facts About Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Claims

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By now, anyone who listens to the radio, watches television or uses the web has seen or heard about the Camp Lejeune Justice Act – probably more than they ever wanted.

In short: The act, passed and signed in August, gives Marines and civilians a new process for making claims against the government for illnesses and deaths related to the contaminated water supply on the Marine base. Toxic chemicals linked to many kinds of cancer, birth defects and Parkinson’s Disease leaked into the water system at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987, the years covered by the act.

It's easy to get confused given the vast amount of information flooding the airwaves, and misconceptions have arisen about the law.

Here are some facts:

  • The new legislation does not mean anyone who thinks they were affected can simply file a claim and get a check.
  • Provided that you follow the right procedure, a claim under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act will not affect veterans benefits you receive from the government.
  • The process for Camp Lejeune claims is new and unique to this situation. It is not a class action.
  • There is no complete roster of Marines and civilians who may have been affected. As many as 1 million service members, families and contract workers were exposed to the water on base.
  • The law imposes an August 2024 deadline for claims to be filed.

The best way to get the information that you need about this or any legal action is to contact a lawyer who you trust. Assumptions in life can lead to trouble, and they can be particularly costly when it comes to lawsuits. Don’t rely on what you hear. Get the facts. Start by visiting the Thorp Law website to learn more about Camp Lejeune claims.