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Thorp Law is the law firm that people in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina trust for difficult premises liability claims, including those related to electrocution or power line accidents. People who are electrocuted by broken or defective power lines often suffer severe injuries We do everything we can to maximize our client’s recoveries. From medical bills to lost wages, we will fight to get you every penny of compensation you are entitled to. Call (919) 373-3390 to speak with a member of our team today.

Acting Quickly to Preserve Crucial Evidence

A key to success in a power line injury claim is to investigate the accident quickly and thoroughly. Why? There’s a possibility the utility company that owns or maintains the power line might bury evidence of their negligence, if given the time to do so.

Electrocution accidents often involve a power line that has been:

  • Damaged in a storm
  • Knocked to the ground
  • Installed too closely to structures
  • Poorly or never maintained

Our Raleigh electrocution injury attorney may need to dispatch an electrical engineer to inspect the accident site as soon as possible to measure and document the entire scene. Factors like the clearance distances between the power lines and nearby structures are important and may establish utility company negligence. This initial investigation will help our law firm determine whether the utility company violated clearance requirements in electrical safety codes. But if this investigation is delayed, the utility company may relocate the power lines and potentially erase the evidence.

Real-World Example of Electrical Company Interference

Isaac once represented a young woman who was severely burned by a power line while standing on the roof of a building. Shortly before Isaac got involved in the case, , the utility company that owned the electric lines inspected the scene, took photographs, and measured the distance between the electric lines and the building. The power company then moved the lines further away from the building. This was the right thing for the company to do because the power lines were dangerously close to the roof.

Thorp and an electrical engineering expert inspected the scene and measured the clearance distances, knowing the company had already moved the power lines. But only the power company knew how close the power lines had been to the building when the young woman was injured. The company should have freely provided the measurements, photographs, and other evidence that established the distance between the power lines and the building that existed when our client was hurt. Instead, it refused to provide this basic information.

The utility company’s attorney first claimed they did not have the information. Then they claimed the information was “privileged,” which is a legal defense that corporations sometimes misuse when they don’t want to turn over evidence that shows they were negligent. We figured that if the utility company was fighting so hard to keep this information secret, the evidence probably showed the power lines were dangerously close to the building. We took them to court and successfully forced the utility company to provide all of the measurements, photographs, and other evidence about the location of the power lines when the accident occurred.

Perhaps to no one’s surprise, the company’s own measurements proved the power lines were located dangerously close to the building at the time our client was injured, and that the company had violated the National Electric Safety Code – the “safety Bible” of the electric power industry.

Delayed investigations almost always benefit the defendant. If the power company had lost or destroyed this important evidence, securing a victory for our client may not have been impossible, but it would have been much more difficult.

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Insurance companies are not looking out for your best interests when you file a power line accident claim. They are concerned about their profits and paychecks. To ensure that your case is taken seriously, retain our Raleigh power line accident lawyers as soon as possible. We can get your claim moving while you focus on your health, rest, and wellbeing.

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