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Yes, Your Story Deserves To Be Told

You may have heard about Erin Brockovich appearing at town hall meetings around the state recently, part of a tour to get the word out about the Camp Lejeune Justice Act. Since the blockbuster movie about her crusade to hold a California power company accountable for its groundwater contamination, she has become a consumer advocate and environmental activist.

You can’t help but love “Erin Brockovich” the movie – Julia Roberts, Albert Finney, justice for plaintiffs facing off against a powerful corporation. Roberts’ ornery zeal wins the day.

But I wonder if the bold, charismatic character Roberts portrayed might actually discourage some people from seeking legal help for their problems.

At the start of the film, Erin is injured in a car accident and loses a lawsuit against the driver who hit her. But wait! It turns out she’s a spunky former beauty-pageant queen with a super-human memory who has the gumption to walk into an attorney’s office and talk her way into a job then topple a giant corporation.

It makes for a great movie but bears no resemblance to the way the justice system works for everyday people.

Not everyone who deserves and works for justice inspires a Julia Roberts Oscar vehicle. Most people who are seriously injured in car accidents are facing the greatest challenges of their lives, which come in the form of medical bills, idle days out of work and physical therapy sessions. Decidedly not cinematic.

Just because your problems won’t play on the big screen doesn’t mean they are small. Our justice system is meant to help peoplewho stand up and ask for what they deserve. Every person who demands justice from the system helps pave the way for others who need the same.

Your voice does not need to soar for you to be heard. And you don’t need a 1,000-watt smile to be seen. All you have to do is ask for help and tell your story, no movie star required.