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Justice for Victims of 18-Wheeler Accidents in North Carolina

Sharing the road with other cars can be nerve-wracking. Sharing it with tractor-trailer trucks—subject to large blind spots, tired drivers, runaway behavior, and swerving—can be downright terrifying. Against the momentum of an 80,000-pound semi-truck, your vehicle barely stands a chance. In just one small maneuver, you can get catapulted off the road or worse.

If the accident is not your fault, you and your passengers deserve compensation for any injuries you sustain. The Raleigh truck accident attorneys at Thorp law are devoted to helping victims of injury get all that they are entitled to for injuries sustained in tractor-trailer truck wrecks.

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Truck Accidents Require Extensive Investigation

If notified and retained early enough, we can return to the scene of the accident and gather evidence. We can access our statewide network of forensic experts to reconstruct the mechanics of the truck accident and download crucial evidence from the truck’s “black box” computer. Details like this are very important in a truck accident case as the damage to the victims can be extensive and there may be several parties involved who will be fighting to limit their liability.

Trucks are subject to both federal and state laws that regulate commercial truck driving. Unfortunately, many truck drivers are pressured to break these rules in order to meet deadlines. As a result, people are put in harm’s way in the interest of corporate productivity.

A truck driver or trucking company that violated federal trucking regulations can be essential to your case. While investigating your case, we attempt to find out:

  • If the truck driver took the required breaks
  • If the truck’s cargo was over the maximum weight limit
  • If the truck driver received and passed the required physical exam in the last two years
  • If the truck driver consumed alcohol or another substance that impairs driving within 8 hours before getting behind the wheel
  • How many days in a row the truck driver had been driving without adequate rest

We Fight for Everything You Deserve

We take the time to build a comprehensive argument for a client’s case so we can fight for everything they deserve. If you hire our firm, we will meet with your doctors so that we fully understand the extent of your injuries and/or disabilities. Ultimately, our goal is to compellingly present the story of your accident, supporting it with solid facts, helpful testimony, and all of the other elements of a successful truck accident case.

The sooner your hire our Raleigh truck accident lawyers, the sooner we can start gathering evidence on your behalf. Call us at (919) 373-3390 today.

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