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Holding Negligent Companies Accountable for Lax Security

If you were hurt by a criminal act while you were at a North Carolina business, the person who acted criminally should be held accountable. But if the business failed to take reasonable safety measures even though criminal activity was foreseeable, it may also share responsibility for your harm.

When you visit a business, you have a right to expect the owners to take reasonable safety measures. Failing to provide adequate security measures is a type of negligence. If you’ve suffered injuries because a business failed to provide adequate security, you may have a negligent security claim. If you do, we can help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

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What are Appropriate Security Measures?

The idea behind a negligent security claim or a lawsuit is that property owners should take appropriate security measures to protect people from foreseeable criminal activity on their property.

Common security measures that businesses can take include:

  • Security cameras: Closed-circuit television cameras installed at proper locations can do a lot to improve security at a property. Many would-be criminals will turn away at the sight of a camera.
  • Locking gates and doors: Locking the doors helps too. It limits who can be in the business. If a store sells expensive jewelry, for example, it may require shoppers to be buzzed in through a locked front door. Locks aren't always perfect, but they go a long way toward keeping criminals at bay.
  • Guards: Businesses can also hire security companies or their own guards to patrol the property. They can watch for anything suspicious or dangerous and report it.
  • Lights: Businesses that are open before sunrise or after sunset may need to place lights around outside buildings where people gather and walk. Good lighting can deter crime.

What Properties Can You Assume to Have Heightened Security?

Security needs for a business depend on the location and the risk. What it takes to keep the average home safe is very different than security for a busy grocery store. Factors like neighborhood crime rates and the type of business that gets conducted at a property will affect the risk and what security measures are needed.

Businesses that should have heightened security include:

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Stores with late-night hours
  • Stadiums and other venues with large crowds
  • Large apartment complexes where criminal activity has frequently occurred

This list is not exhaustive. Other businesses may also need to have heightened security, depending upon the specific circumstances.

Pursuing a Negligent Security Claim in NC

Even when companies ignore important security measures, they often refuse to compensate those who have been injured. The insurance companies who represent them know the ropes and employ people who handle these claims full-time. At Thorp Law, we know how to handle negligent security cases, even when they get complicated.

Our team has the experience to take on big businesses and major insurance companies. We offer no-cost, no-obligation consultations to walk you through what options are available to you. Thorp Law offers contingency fee agreements, which means that we do not expect payment for our services unless you receive a positive settlement or verdict.

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