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Sexual abuse is a uniquely personal kind of assault. It cuts deep. If you’ve been victimized by a sexual assault, it may be hard for you to leave the house, look people in the eye when you're talking about something personal, or sleep for more than an hour or two as you try to make it through the night. You may be struggling to pay for therapy following a sexual assault. Maybe the person who abused you was someone you trusted, such as a priest, teacher, coach, or someone else you think has too much power for you to fight alone.

Our Raleigh sexual abuse lawyers will do everything possible to fight this battle for you, and help you get the funds you need while you try to recover. Asking for help is an act of bravery. We have seen hundreds of people take that longest step out of isolation and secrecy, as Attorney Isaac Thorp spent several years in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Sex Crimes Unit, helping women and children who were victims of sexual assault. When someone who has been victimized takes a stand to make the abuser pay for what he or she did, they can regain a sense of their own personal power, a sense of dignity they may feel they have lost.

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At Thorp Law, we are compassionate and dedicated to all victims of sexual abuse, and our Raleigh sexual abuse lawyers refuse to give up. Our legal team is relentless in our pursuit of justice. While we can’t promise you a specific outcome, we can promise we will walk with you every step of the way to hold the perpetrator responsible. If you feel like you might be ready, take that first step. We are sensitive to what you've been through, and will discretely discuss your case to evaluate whether we can make the abuser pay the price for the harm done.

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