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Has a North Carolina Nursing Home Betrayed Your Trust?

Placing a loved one in a nursing home can be difficult, but it is ultimately what many of us have to do in order to give them the care and attention they need. This is part of why it is so devastating to discover that your loved one was injured due to staff negligence.

Failing to properly care for those in their charge is an egregious breach of trust by the nursing home staff. If someone you love has been hurt in a nursing home, contact Thorp Law to file an injury claim with our Raleigh nursing home negligence lawyers. What happened to your family member does not need to happen to anyone else!

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    Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

    Nursing homes and assisted living facilities must adhere to strict regulations set forth by Medicare and Medicaid. You trust these facilities to give your loved one the care they need, which makes their failure to do so is both irresponsible and alarming.

    In monitored, regulated facilities such as these, most accidents are avoidable. There are several key signs that a nursing home resident was injured due to negligence:

    • Dehydration and/or malnutrition
    • Open wounds and cuts
    • Bruises
    • Frequent complaining about staff and other residents
    • Infection
    • Receiving the wrong medication
    • Receiving unnecessary/too much medication
    • Injuries from falling

    North Carolina's Care Home Bill of Rights

    North Carolina law outlines the rights of nursing home residents in the North Carolina’s Adult Care Home Bill of Rights and North Carolina’s Bill of Rights for Nursing Home Residents. There are many rights outlines in this law, some of the most notable ones include:

    • The right to be treated with respect, consideration, dignity
    • The right to privacy
    • The right to be free of mental and physical abuse, neglect, and exploitation
    • The right to receive a reasonable response to his or her requests from the facility administrator and staff
    • The right to send and receive mail promptly and unopened

    Compassionate and Zealous Legal Representation

    Entrusting your loved one to the care of a nursing home can be a difficult decision that requires a great deal of trust. Unfortunately, instances of abuse or neglect can occur despite the best intentions of the facility and staff.

    If you suspect that your loved one has suffered mistreatment in a nursing home, don't delay in seeking legal assistance. Hiring an experienced Raleigh nursing home abuse lawyer can provide many benefits, including access to resources and expertise in navigating complex legal processes. Our skilled attorney can help you hold responsible parties accountable, seek compensation for damages, and advocate for your loved one's rights.

    Get Help With Your Case Today

    If your loved one has been complaining about their time in the nursing home, do not take this lightly. Often, dissatisfaction with nursing home or assisted living life stems from legitimate neglect and mistreatment from staff.

    Representing victims of negligence throughout North Carolina, our nursing home negligence attorney can help you hold the nursing home responsible for its negligence. Serving clients from Wilson County, Cumberland County, Durham County and Orange County.

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