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When you buy a product, you expect the manufacturer to sell you something safe. This is true whether you buy a car, a child’s toy, or any other product. If you or a loved one gets hurt due to the negligence of a manufacturer or seller of a defective product, you may have a strong product liability claim.

Our Raleigh product liability lawyers can help you find out who is responsible. The attorney at Thorp Law are dedicated to helping people achieve justice. When you enlist our services, we work closely with you, your doctors, and other experts to gather evidence and create a powerful and compelling case.

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Why Your Product Liability Case May Need an Investigation

Timely and thorough investigations are important in product liability cases. These claims often involve defective motor vehicles or automotive parts. Recent examples include General Motors’ faulty ignition switches and Toyota’s sudden-acceleration problems.

If a car or SUV has a defective part that malfunctions, a serious crash can result. If the vehicle is damaged so badly that it cannot be repaired, it will be considered a “total loss.” In these situations, an insurance company typically settles the property damage claim for the fair market value of the destroyed vehicle. It then sells the vehicle for scrap metal. Without the vehicle or defective part for use as evidence, it may be difficult – and sometimes impossible – to bring a successful product liability claim.

The early stages of an investigation will include several important steps. Depending on the unique facts of your case, they may include:

  • Immediately taking possession of the vehicle before it is crushed and sold for scrap.
  • Putting manufacturers and sellers on written notice that they have a legal obligation to preserve key physical evidence, documents and other information needed for your case.
  • Arranging for qualified engineers to thoroughly inspect the vehicle for potentially faulty parts.
  • Conducting exhaustive research of government databases and other sources to find out whether similar vehicles or suspect parts are part of an existing product recall.

What Are Some Examples of Dangerous Products?

Every year, hundreds of products liability claims go uncompensated. Not because the victim lacked a valid claim, but because they did not realize they had a claim in the first place. Far too many people can chalk up accidents to bad luck or clumsiness, but there are many instances where a product manufacturer can and should be held responsible.

Examples of dangerous products include:

  • Exploding gas tanks
  • A defective tire that blows out
  • Faulty airbags that fail to deploy
  • Prescription drugs that cause unintended side effects
  • Defective medical equipment that malfunctions
  • Ovens that leak gas
  • Malfunctioning construction equipment

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Pursuing a faulty product investigation is not only important for you, but for everyone else who uses these items. If it happened to you it could happen to someone else, and the manufacturers, retailers, and distributors need to be held responsible so that they can prevent these accidents in the future. We can help you make this world a safer place.

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