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Burn victims are often left with catastrophic and disfiguring injuries. Serious burn injuries can damage blood vessels and lung tissue, as well as result in severe shock, swelling, blistering, and respiratory distress. These are just a few of the long-term or even lifetime burdens of burn injury victims. If someone you care about has suffered a serious burn, they may be facing a long hospital stay. Multiple surgeries may be necessary.

Healing from less serious burn injuries can be long and costly, and the victims may need help coping mentally with the severity of their trauma. If the burns were caused by somebody’s negligence - like a faulty power line or industrial explosion - you may have a strong claim. Let our experienced personal injury team in Raleigh help you.

Different Degrees of Burns

There are many different types of burns that can be inflicted in many ways, however there is generally one way to categorize how severe a burn is. Burns are categorized by how deeply they affect an injury victims’ skin, these categories are referred to as “degrees.” The higher the degree, the more severe the injury.

  • First degree: first degree burns are the least severe as they only affect the outer layer of your skin.
  • Second degree: A second degree burn extends to the dermis layer. Blisters are common with this type of burn and can result in permanent scarring but not always.
  • Third degree: This type of burn is also called a full thickness burn as it burns through two full layers of skin. Additionally, third degree burns are usually black, brown, white or yellow in appearance. Because this type of burn damages nerve ending, third degree burns aren’t usually painful.
  • Fourth degree: This is the most severe type of burn and can be life threatening. Fourth degree burns damage all layers of skin as well as muscle, tendons and bones.

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What is a Burn Injury?

Burn injuries refer to the damage of skin or other body parts that are caused by extreme heat. These burns may be sustained as a result of flames, chemicals, or any contact with a highly heated object. In most cases, the depth of a burn is the main factor that can make this type of injury so traumatizing to experience.

We Know How to Investigate Burn Accidents

Burn injury cases are often complex. While evidence is still fresh, you need to be sure that qualified experts quickly begin an unbiased investigation on your behalf. Our founding attorney, Isaac Thorp, is a member of the National Fire Protection Association.

The organization that sets the standards for science-based forensic analysis and investigation of fire scenes and explosions. We have access to a network of fire experts throughout the country who have performed hundreds of fire investigations. With your permission, we can begin the process of determining:

  • The cause and origin of the fire
  • Who was responsible
  • How the fire could have been prevented

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While you heal and cope, potential defendants and their insurance companies may try to settle your claim as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Our experienced Raleigh burn injury attorneys can help you gain full and fair compensation, advise you against a settlement you may regret, and begin to make your life whole again.

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