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Premises liability claims can sometimes involve scenarios that are unexpected, like when an unrestrained dog bites a bystander or a private security officer at an apartment complex fails to stop an assault on the property.

Throughout our many years of legal experience, we have successfully handled a variety of premises liability lawsuits for clients in desperate financial straits. Past results can never guarantee future victories – and you should be wary of any law firm that says they do – but we do think our history of successes speaks highly of our talents, focus, and legal knowledge.

Premises liability case types that we can handle include but are not limited to:

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Notable Premises Liability Cases by Thorp Law

When we say that our Raleigh premises liability attorney of Thorp Law have seen and handled some difficult and unique premises liability cases, we mean it. Below, you will find two examples of high-stakes cases that our team successfully closed for our clients.

Construction Worker Injuries on a Movie Set

Attorney Isaac Thorp represented a construction worker who was severely injured while building an outdoor movie set for The Crow starring Brandon Lee, which was being filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. The movie studio had leased a portion of the movie lot to a production company that was making the film. Our client suffered third-degree electrical burns, a spinal cord injury, and organ damage when the cherry picker he was operating came into contact with nearby uninsulated electric power lines. He lay trapped on the floor of the cherry picker basket while his clothes were on fire. One of his coworkers shimmied up the mast to the basket and helped smother the flames.

This case required knowledge of the law related to premises liability, the safe placement of power lines, and landlord-tenant contracts. Having a thorough understanding of burn, spinal cord, and internal organ injuries also helped us make a compelling case. The lawsuit was complicated by the movie studio’s bankruptcy. The trial lasted four weeks, resulting in a multimillion-dollar verdict, which was then followed by years of appeals to the North Carolina Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. It took nearly 10 years, but Thorp’s client and his family finally got the justice they deserved.

Violent Attacks by an Ex-Employee

Isaac also handled a claim against a business in a workplace violence case in Asheville, North Carolina. Three people were killed by James Davis, a violent ex-employee who went on a shooting spree at his old workplace two days after he was fired. Davis, nicknamed “Psycho” by his co-workers, had a gun fetish and a history of violence at the plant before his termination. Top management knew that Davis had choked and threatened to kill a co-worker, had thrown another against a wall, and pulled a knife on a third co-employee. Management also knew that Davis had threatened to come back and "take management with me" if he were ever fired.

Before the managers met with Davis to fire him, they first made an escape plan to protect themselves, in case Davis reacted violently. But they didn’t make a plan to protect the workers in the plant in the days after Davis was terminated. Nor did they hire off-duty police officers who routinely provided security for $15 an hour to businesses in the area. Davis returned two days after he was fired, killing three people and wounding another.

The case resulted in one of the largest verdicts in the nation in a workplace violence case at the time. The case was featured on 20/20, CNN, and in the Washington Post and the New York Times. Thorp’s clients didn’t care about publicity. What mattered to them is that their victory honored the memories of their loved ones and sent a message to corporate boardrooms all across North Carolina: Take workplace violence seriously.

Why Choose Thorp Law for Your Premises Liability Case

Our mission to help people in need runs deep here at Thorp Law. When you allow our Raleigh premises liability lawyers to manage your claim, we know you will see our passion in everything we do.

Our commitment to clients includes pursuing compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Insurance companies often fiercely fight premises liability claims, but we refuse to be intimidated. Your wellbeing, satisfaction and full compensation are the center of our focus.

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