Thorp Law Achieves $1.6 Million for Worker Hit by a Cherry Picker

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Recently, our firm represented a worker who had been injured by a cherry picker in Fayetteville. Using an in-depth knowledge of the North Carolina legal system and tailored legal strategies, we were able to reach a favorable settlement on our client’s behalf. Our legal team works tirelessly to uphold our clients’ best interests, and we are proud to share stories of success.

About the Situation

Our client, David Cain, was a painter working at the Goodyear plant in Fayetteville. While he was painting a low guardrail, he was hit from behind by a bucket lift vehicle. He suffered serious injuries, including broken bones in his left ankle, a crushed left foot, and permanent nerve damage.

How Our Firm Helped

Attorney Isaac Thorp represented our client against Motley Communications, LLC, the company that employed the driver who injured our client. The defendant argued that our client was partially responsible for his injuries, and claimed that he had not followed proper safety protocols. However, using testimony from our client’s coworkers, we were able to show that our client had an impeccable safety record.

We were also able to prove that the defendant acted with gross negligence and reckless disregard for the safety of others. The driver of the vehicle could not see our client because of a blind spot created by the basket on the truck. Even though he had lost sight of his spotter and couldn’t see where he was going, he continued to drive the vehicle, hitting our client. The company’s president admitted that the vehicle had a blind spot, and that the drivers were not trained to stop if they lost sight of their spotters.

The judge refused to grant the defendant’s motion for a summary judgment on the claims of punitive damages and gross negligence. Instead, the case was settled in mediation. We worked with experts to show the extent of our client’s financial losses. His medical bills were around $17,000, and his future expected costs, including the prescription for a pain medication to help him cope with nerve damage, was estimated to be around $190,000. We argued tirelessly on his behalf, and reached a settlement of $1.6 million.

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