Attorney Isaac Thorp Wins $980k Settlement for Client

Attorney Isaac Thorp of Thorp Law has once again won a significant settlement for his client. We are proud to work with such an accomplished lawyer and tenacious advocate. If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident, Thorp Law can help. Our compassionate team of legal professionals can evaluate your case, gather evidence, and build a strategy with your best interests in mind.

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A $980,000 Settlement

Attorney Thorp’s client was traveling north on State Route 1561 when she was hit by another motorist. The crash not only resulted in significant injuries to the client that required extensive surgery, but her vehicle was also nearly totaled.

The other driver was exceeding the speed limit when he lost control of his truck and sideswiped another motorist before crashing into the client. The driver at fault had been driving well over the safe speed on a road notorious for its sharp curves. He claims that his tires may have been faulty and denied liability.

Attorney Thorp said, “They denied liability at first, but they didn’t really argue much about it after his deposition.” Thorp enlisted the expert testimony of a neurosurgeon to show that the client’s T12-L2 injury was caused by the accident and resulted in thousands of medical expenses and lost wages.

The client lost wages and had extensive medical expenses. Attorney Thorp pursued an aggressive strategy to prove liability and that the motorist at fault was liable for the accident and resulting damages.

Attorney Thorp settled the case before trial for $980,000.

Excellence in Legal Practice

Attorney Thorp is a leader among his peers and is known for his trustworthy counsel and fierce advocacy for his clients. Our firm also exemplifies these qualities and it is our successful track record that sets us apart from the rest.

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