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Why An Independent Appraiser Can Help with Eminent Domain

When the government seizes your house through the power of eminent domain, you may feel like you have no other recourse than to work with their agents. However, the government is legally required to give you what your home is worth – and you may be able to get a fairer assessment when you hire an independent appraiser.

Our Raleigh eminent domain attorney are well-versed in this area of the law, and we can help make sure that you get the best chance at receiving full market value for your home. Whether your property was seized to make way for a construction project or a local airport, you deserve to receive a full return on your investment in that property.

How Can An Independent Appraiser Help Me?

Once the government has decided to take your property by condemnation, they’ll give you an offer based on the home’s projected market value, as well as their own appraiser’s recommendation. Of course, although most government agents try to be as fair as possible, it’s very common for their appraisers to be biased. In short, they may try to save money on the government’s behalf by purposely low-balling you.

You don’t have to just accept the government’s first offer. With the right independent appraiser on your side, you can often force the government to give you more compensation. At Thorp Law, we have an extensive network of independent appraisers and real estate experts who can take a second look at your property and give you the quote you need to ask for full value.

Because we only handle those cases we truly believe in, you can rest assured that we’ll act as your advocate throughout the entire investigation and claim process. With eminent domain, you may feel overwhelmed at the government’s seemingly endless resources. However, with our team championing your case, your likelihood of receiving just compensation on your home will significantly increase.

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