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Vehicle Recall Remedies. Learn your rights after a recall is issued for your car.

Vehicle Recall Remedies

Each day, Americans spend approximately 52 minutes driving their car. Our daily routines depend on a properly working vehicle. When a recall is issued, things can get complicated. Whether your car has a mechanical defect or a minor cosmetic issue, car manufacturers have a legal duty to fix your vehicle after a recall. Federal law requires car manufacturers to remedy your car’s defect, and the type of remedy depends on what the recall covers.

Types of Remedies

  • Repair – Car manufacturers will repair minor defects that do not pose a substantial safety risk to motorists. These types of recalls usually involve cosmetic issues or faulty interior equipment.
  • Replace – If a recall covers vehicle defects that cannot be easily repaired, then manufacturers will replace the defective piece of equipment. Sometimes, the issue can affect the entire car, and your vehicle will be replaced.
  • Refund – Car manufacturers may provide you with a refund equal to the purchase price minus any depreciation. This is appropriate when the defect cannot be repaired or replaced without creating a risk for future injury.

Recover Damages when a Defect Causes Injury

When a faulty vehicle part causes an accident, then you may be able to recover from the car manufacturer or your local dealership. An experienced attorney can help you obtain compensation for the costs of your damages. Thorp Law has extensive experience representing motorists who suffer harm due to a car defect. Our team of lawyers and investigators will work vigorously on your behalf so you can recover.