Samsung Galaxy Note 7- Accident or Liability?


Samsung Galaxy Note 7- Accident or Liability?

Many people have recently heard about the recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to its exploding batteries. Samsung first offered to replace its “top of the line” device on September 2 after there were many reports of people being burned by the batteries and even vehicles catching on fire due to the defective batteries. Safety officials are now urging Galaxy Note 7 owners to turn off their phones, box them up, and immediately return them to Samsung. Officials have cited 26 instances in which people were burned and 55 instances in which the battery explosions caused property damage.

The Science Behind Battery Explosions

Although there are many in-depth explanations about how batteries should operate, the main point is that there are two ions in a battery that should never touch called the anode and the cathode. These two ions must be separated because if they touch, they will redirect energy, causing an explosion. This is what happened in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones. The phone’s design was flawed because it permitted these two ions to touch. As we have seen in recent news, these phone explosions have caused injuries to both individuals in the form of second or third-degree burns, and property, when entire cars went up in flames as a result of these battery explosions.

What You Need to Know

While phone batteries should be manufactured to withstand various conditions, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends some tips to keep consumers safe while using their cell phones:

  1. Do not use incompatible cell phone batteries and chargers
  2. Do not permit a battery that is out of the phone, to contact metal objects such as coins
  3. Do not place the phone in areas that may get very hot
  4. Do not get your phone battery wet
  5. Follow battery use, storage, and charging guidelines found in the user’s guide

Do You Have a Claim?

The explosion of a cell phone battery can cause extensive physical and emotional damage t. While the use of lithium-ion batteries is prevalent today, these batteries store large amounts of energy that can cause extensive damage upon explosion. Product manufacturers have a duty to consumers to make sure their products are safe, and cell phone companies are no different. If you believe you have been injured due to the explosion or malfunctioning of a lithium-ion battery, call the Thorp Law Firm today for a free consultation to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. Contact the Thorp Law Firm at (919) 373-3390, or log on to and fill out the contact form.