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Thorp Law Ensures That You Don’t Pay for Someone Else’s Mistakes

Lawyers have an important responsibility to their clients and the community. Unfortunately, whether by sheer mistake or willful negligence, they can fail to live up to their expectations and make costly mistakes that could have been avoided. The burden of these mistakes should not fall on you. At Thorp Law, our legal malpractice lawyers in Raleigh, NC proudly represent people throughout the state who have been affected by attorney negligence. We can help you hold an attorney accountable for their mistakes.

If you have been affected by legal malpractice, call us today at (919) 373-3390, or contact us online and we will contact you about reviewing your case.

What Is Legal Malpractice?

Any ethical attorney will tell you that no case is a “sure thing.” Even if you are in the right and there’s ample evidence supporting your claim, the courts can still rule against you. That said, it is usually worth your time to seek another attorney’s opinion if you believe your attorney mishandled your case. Legal malpractice is not common, but it is not exactly rare either. Anyone is capable of making a mistake, including attorneys, but legal professionals know the consequences of making these kinds of errors and are usually careful to avoid them.

Some of the most common examples of legal malpractice include:

  • Conflict of interest: taking on a client when they have loyalty or familiarity with the opposition
  • Failure to know and apply the law
  • Failure to properly plan for the case
  • Inadequate investigation
  • Failure to know a deadline, thereby preventing a client from filing their claim
  • Making personal decisions on behalf of a client without their consent

You may, understandably, have some reservations about trusting another attorney after being mistreated, but only our malpractice lawyers in Raleigh, NC will be able to identify and confirm a colleague’s mistakes.

At Thorp Law, we have been practicing law for over 25 years. We work closely with our clients and develop a trusting relationship. our malpractice attorney in Raleigh, NC can help you understand what your previous legal counsel did wrong and restore your faith in the justice system.

Call Thorp Law today at (919) 373-3390 to tell us about your legal malpractice experience.

Millions Obtained for the Injured

Past Verdicts & Settlements
  • $7 Million Wrongful Death/Defective Product/Truck Accident
  • $7 Million Road Construction Defect/3 Wrongful Deaths
  • $6 Million Product Liability/Burn Injuries
  • $5 Million Wrongful Death of a Child/Emotional Distress Car Accident
  • $5 Million Land Condemnation
  • $4 Million Premise Liability/ Workplace Shooting/Inadequate Security
  • $3 Million Premises Liability Recovery - $2,570,000 Burn Injury
  • $3 Million Brain Injury/Truck Accident/Spine Injury
  • $3 Million Electrocution/Burn Injury Case
  • $2 Million Premises Liability/Aquatic Injuries/Wrongful Death
  • $2 Million Trucking Accident/Wrongful Death
  • $2 Million Motorcycle Accident/Amputation
  • $1 Million Brain Injury/Premises Liability Accident
  • $1 Million Truck Wreck
  • $1 Million Car Wreck/Premise Liability/ Failure to Maintain Traffic Light
  • $1 Million Brain Injury/Industrial Accident
  • $1 Million Wrongful Death/Truck Accident
  • $1 Million Car Wreck
  • $1 Million Electrocution/Wrongful Death/Burn Injury
  • $1 Million Inadequate Security
  • $985 Thousand Premise Liability/Industrial Accident/Amputation
  • $900 Thousand Car Wreck/Brain Injuries
  • $800 Thousand Auto Accident
  • $750 Thousand Power line burn injuries/Premise Liability/Amputation
  • $600 Thousand Trucking Accident/Wrongful Death

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