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Head Injuries and Comas

Head Injuries and Comas

Serious head injuries can cause brain bleeding and swelling. A coma can occur when fluid and swelling compress the brain stem and suppresses certain parts of the brain responsible for arousal and awareness. Moderate to good recovery is most likely if the patient regains consciousness within two weeks, but each situation is different. Regardless, medical bills can reach staggering amounts due to the amount of professional attention comatose patients require.

Different Types of Comas

  • Toxic-metabolic encephalopathy – Reversible type of coma that usually results in confusion and incoherence but not complete unconsciousness.
  • Medically induced – Anesthesia is used to place the patient into a temporary state of unconsciousness and prevent brain swelling.
  • Persistent vegetative state – Deep unconsciousness in which the patient is unaware of his surroundings and incapable of moving. Possibly irreversible.
  • Brain death – Complete shutdown of brain functioning that is irreversible and caused by the most severe types of head trauma.

Obtain Compensation for Your Injury

In addition to medical bills, patients face a long road to recovery after waking up from a coma. Rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and other damages can be overwhelming. If you suffered a coma due to another person’s negligence, then you need an experienced lawyer to fight for you. Thorp Law has extensive experience helping accident victims who suffer brain injuries due to negligence. Call us for a free consultation.