Adjusting to paralysis. Be prepared if an accident causes paralysis.

Injury victim exercising

Adjusting to Paralysis

Paralysis is a condition that results in an inability to move certain parts of the body. Serious injury to the spinal chord will result in paralysis. Work accidents and motor vehicle crashes are the leading causes of this condition. Treating paralysis involves extensive rehabilitation. Doctors will perform an imaging test to determine where the spinal chord injury occurred. These tests help medical professionals predict which parts of the body will be affected. After an accident, learning to live without the use of your arms or legs can be difficult.

Types of Paralysis

  • Monoplegia – Paralysis of one limb, usually an arm
  • Diplegia – Paralysis of both arms or both legs
  • Hemiplegia – Paralysis on the right or left side of the body
  • Paraplegia – Paralysis of the legs that can extend all the way up the chest
  • Tetrariplegia – Paralysis of both arms and both legs

Obtain Compensation for Your Injuries

Extensive medical bills, lengthy rehabilitation, and lost wages almost always follow a serious spinal chord injury, and nearly 60% of the paralyzed population reports a household income of less than $25,000. If you are suffering from paralysis due to another person’s negligence, you need an experienced lawyer to help you recover. Thorp Law has vast experience fighting for victims who are paralyzed after a work or car accident. Our team of lawyers and investigators will work vigorously on your behalf so you can recover. Contact us today.