Prevent Toy-Related Injury

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Prevent toy-related injuries. Learn about toy recalls and how to keep your child safe.

Prevent Toy-Related Injury

Toys can provide your son or daughter enjoyment and an opportunity to learn. Game pieces, dolls, and action figures can also pose a safety risk. Last year, there were 251,800 toy-related injuries treated in hospitals. Choking and asphyxiation account for most hospital visits in children under 10 years old. Marbles and plastic parts can block airflow and lead to brain damage. The number of toy recalls has increased 18% in recent years, but sometimes manufacturers or sellers don’t effectively notify purchasers of the potential dangers. Children’s products can help foster development, but safety measures are necessary to prevent harm.

Keep Your Child Safe

  • Check for Recalls – Keeping defective toys away from your son or daughter is essential to their well-being. The Consumer Product Safety Commission publishes recalls on a daily basis. Check the following website frequently to ensure toys are not defective:
  • Avoid Small Pieces – A toy leg or fake food can block airflow if swallowed. Avoid toys that are small enough to fit in your child’s mouth.
  • Use Helmets – Scooters and tricycles are responsible for many brain injuries every year. A proper fitting helmet will help minimize trauma and prevent brain damage.
  • Supervise – Children should not be left alone when they are playing with toys or game pieces. Quick action is important if your son or daughter uses these products for an unintended purpose.

Obtain Compensation for Your Child’s Injury

If a defect or another person causes your child to sustain a toy-related injury, then you may be able to recover. An experienced attorney can help you obtain compensation for medical bills and other damages. Thorp Law has many years of experience fighting for parents when their son or daughter is injured.

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