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Electrical Burn Injuries - Some Basics

Electrical Burn Injuries – Some Basics

Electric shock causes approximately 4,000 injuries every year. Defective consumer products and inadequate safety measures account for most electrocutions at home. Internal organ damage, burns, and nerve damage may occur after an electric shock. Electricity strength is broken into two categories, volts, and amps. Volts concern how much force is behind the electricity. The more volts, the more energy is being pushed through an electric wire. Amps deal with the amount of electricity. The higher the amps, the more electric force. The amount of amps that travel through your body will determine the amount of damage.

The More Amps, The More Damage

The following chart provides a general description of injuries that can be expected based on the amount of amps in an electric shock.

Recover Damages for Electrical Shock Injuries

Serious electrocutions result in high medical costs, pain, lost wages, and other damages. If another person’s negligence causes you to suffer an electrical shock, you may be entitled to recover. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you obtain compensation. Thorp Law has many years of experience fighting for victims of electrocution and other injuries. Our team of lawyers will hold the at-fault person accountable so you can recover.

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