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Regain Your Footing After a Fall: Learn How to Recover if a Defective Ladder Causes You Injury

Regain Your Footing After a Fall

Dusting, gutter cleaning, or reaching for a storage box can be dangerous when you are using a defective ladder. Falls are a leading cause of unintentional fatalities, and 43% of deadly tumbles involve a ladder. Nearly one-half of these accidents result in head trauma or nonfatal injuries that require hospital treatment. Manufacturers and sellers don’t always pull products off the shelves until a significant number of injuries have occurred under circumstances that indicate the product is faulty, but flawed equipment still pops up at yard sales and used-good stores. In recent years, many ladders were recalled due to the breaking steps and faulty support beams.

Ladder Safety Tips

  • Visit to ensure your ladder is not subject to a recall

  • Read the manufacture’s use and care instructions

  • Set the ladder on a solid, dry surface

  • Do not place the ladder at extreme angles

  • Make sure both hands are free for use while climbing

  • Stand flat on each step

Obtain Compensation for Defective Products

If a defective ladder causes you or a loved one to suffer a fall, then you may be entitled to compensation. An experienced product liability attorney can help you evaluate whether you have a claim. Thorp Law attorney have extensive experience fighting for victims of defective product injuries. Our team of lawyers will stand up to insurance companies and manufacturers so you can recover.