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Recovering from Non-physical Injuries, Pain & Suffering

Non-physical injuries, Pain, and Suffering. Recover when another person causes mental anguish.

Non-physical Injuries, Pain, and Suffering

A leg cast, neck brace, and bandages are used to heal injuries after an accident. Pain and suffering are also injuries, but they are not covered with gauze and tape. Other people cannot see the extent of your emotional anguish. No bandage covers your heart, but the wounds are still there. There is not a strict formula used to determine pain and suffering damages. If your case proceeds to trial, the jury will decide how much compensation you deserve, and before trial, your emotional injury will be a key topic in settlement negotiations.

Pain and Suffering Factors

In general, the following factors determine how much compensation you can receive for your mental anguish:

  • Existence of emotional disorders, such as depression, anxiety, or insomnia

  • Actual pain and discomfort

  • Health of victim before the accident

  • Type of injury that caused pain and suffering

  • Duration of pain and suffering

  • Diminished livelihood

  • Extent of trauma caused by the accident

Recover for Your Pain and Suffering

When another person causes an accident and you suffer mental anguish, you may be able to recover pain and suffering damages. An experienced lawyer can help you obtain compensation. Thorp Law has extensive experience fighting on behalf of accident victims who suffer emotional injuries. Our team of lawyers will stand up for your rights so you can recover.