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Too Close for Safety

Too close for safety. Be prepared if a tailgater causes an accident.

Too Close for Safety

Few things are more frustrating than another vehicle riding closely behind your bumper. “Tailgating” is more than annoying, it is extremely dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, tailgating accounts for 23% of all motor vehicle accidents each year. These crashes result in 2,000 deaths and close to 1 million injuries. Drivers who tailgate reduce the distance they need to come to a safe and complete stop. Following too closely also reduces a driver’s ability to spot oncoming road obstacles and avoid road hazards. The average driver takes at least one second to recognize a roadway hazard and safely respond to that hazard. When motorists tailgate, they place themselves and other drivers in danger.

Stopping Distances Explained

“Stopping Distance” is the distance a typical car needs in order to come to a complete stop. Use the chart below to determine how much space to leave between your car and another vehicle.

Typical Stopping Distances


Stopping Distance

20 mph

40 feet

30 mph

75 feet

40 mph

118 feet

50 mph

175 feet

60 mph

240 feet

70 mph

315 feet

Obtain Compensation for Tailgating Injuries

Medical bills and other damages are common after a car accident. If a tailgating driver causes you injury, then you need an experienced lawyer to help you recover. Thorp Law has extensive experience fighting for car accident victims. Our team of lawyers and investigators will build your case so you can recover.

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