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Assault and Battery: Know the Warning Signs

It is normal for humans to experience anger. The difference between an average person and violent individuals is how they responds to anger. Violent outbursts cause more injuries to children and young adults than cancer, disease, or birth defects. Non-violent individuals are able to exercise self-control when they deal with negative emotions. People who are likely to attack have little self-control when confronted with anger, sadness, or denial. Poor self-discipline is a result of numerous factors, such as mental illness and social isolation. When these individuals resort to violence, they can inflict serious injury.

Warning Signs

Look for the following warning signs to determine whether another person is prone to engage in unprovoked violence:

  • Frequently loses temper

  • Regular pattern of fighting

  • Alcohol or drug abuse

  • Property destruction

  • Inflicts harm to pets and other animals

  • Repeatedly threatens others with violence

  • Certain types of mental illness

  • Yells at others when frustrated

  • History of throwing objects when angry

Recover for Your Injuries

If you were assaulted and attacked by another person, then you may be able to recover for your injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Isaac Thorp was a prosecutor with the Brooklyn District Attorney and has many years of experience fighting for assault and battery victims. Our team of lawyers will guide you through the legal process and help you hold your attacker accountable so you can recover.