Airbags: A Necessary Danger


Airbags are a necessary danger. Learn how to prevent an airbag from causing unnecessary harm.

A Necessary Danger, Airbags

Milliseconds after a serious car accident, crash sensors will deploy airbags and protect your body from hard objects. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that nearly 40,000 lives have been saved by these devices. Airbags are only effective if they deploy quickly, and a recent study indicates that some deploy at speeds up to 200 miles per hour. The energy needed to inflate the airbags can lead to unnecessary injury when certain precautions are not taken.

Prevent Airbag Injury

  • Posture. Airbags can cause injury if your body contacts them while they are still inflating. Drivers should sit at least 10 inches away from the steering wheel, so the airbag has a chance to fully inflate.

  • Flying Objects. At 200 miles per hour, an airbag can turn small objects in its path into dangerous projectiles. Remove jewelry and other small, hard objects from areas where your airbags are located.

  • Recalls. Faulty airbags can expel hot gases that lead to serious burns. Car manufacturers may have recalled the airbag in your vehicle. Click here and ensure your airbag is not subject to a recall.

  • Pregnant Women. Women in late stages of pregnancy cannot safely operate a vehicle and ensure their abdomen is at least 10 inches away from the steering wheel. Serious fetal injury is possible when frontal airbags inflate. Women in late stages of pregnancy may want to avoid driving if possible.

  • Children. The force of a front seat airbag may be too strong for a child’s bone structure. Children younger than 12 should sit in the rear of a vehicle, and infants in car seats should always be secured in the backseat.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

Airbag injuries can result in costly medical bills. You may also lose wages as you recover at home. An experienced lawyer can help you obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Thorp Law has vast experience fighting for car crash victims. Our lawyers and investigators will work to hold the at-fault driver accountable so you can recover.