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Broken bones. Immobility. Medical complications. The collision of vehicles can impact your health and emotional state for months or even years.

Young women being taken care of in hospital after car accidentUnfortunately, negligence on the road is rampant. Maybe your fellow driver was drinking, texting or just tired. Whatever the reason, if another’s negligence was involved, you may have a strong claim for compensation.

The attorneys at Thorp Law are deeply invested in bringing justice to car crash victims. It’s our business to help you receive the compensation you need to make a fresh start. Get us involved early, so we can gather physical evidence and track down and interview key witnesses. We know how to deal with car insurance carriers, and avoid inadequate settlement offers. We can take the facts of your case, and craft both a winning and truthful narrative for the judge and jury. 

Don’t let a negligent driver get away scot-free.

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Notable Cases


Wrongful Death of Child/Emotional Distress Car Accident - $5,000,000

A Johnston County jury awarded $5,000,000 - $3.5 million dollars for the wrongful death of an 11-year-old boy, and $1.5 million dollars for the emotional distress of his father, who tried unsuccessfully to save his son.

The accident occurred at Smithfield Middle School when the defendant, an 84-year-old woman, attempted to back her van up in an area where students were dropped off before school. The driver apparently became confused, and stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake, driving into a crowd of students. The boy’s father attempted to save him, as he lay dying in his father’s arms.

The largest settlement offer the insurance company made before the verdict was $240,000.


Motorcycle Accident/Amputation - $2,000,000

Plaintiff recovered $2,000,000 after his motorcycle struck a car that failed to yield at a stop sign. The defendant claimed plaintiff was speeding, thus contributorily negligent.  The plaintiff was able to continue to work, climbing and repairing cell phone towers even though his leg was amputated below the knee as a result of the accident.