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Tight, dry skin that can’t regulate heat. Damaged lung tissue—and labored breath. Social isolation, based on scars that can mark you forever.

Doctors prepping to treat burn injuries

Burn injury survivors are often left with catastrophic and disfiguring injuries.  Serious burn injuries can damage blood vessels, lung tissue and result in severe shock, swelling, blistering and respiratory distress. These are some of the long-range or even lifetime burdens of burn injury victims. 

If someone you care about has suffered a serious burn, they may be facing a long hospital stay.  Multiple surgeries may be necessary. Sometimes setbacks occur, such as infections, or skin grafts that aren’t successful at first. 

Healing from less serious burn injuries can also be long, difficult and painful.  Burn injuries can leave emotional scars even if other people can’t see them.

If the burns were caused by somebody’s negligence - like a faulty power line or industrial explosion - you may have a strong claim. You may also have insurance adjusters calling to offer you a settlement, while your medical bills mount.  

Let our experienced burn and fire injury attorneys help you. Burn injury cases are often complex.  While evidence is still fresh, you need to be sure that qualified experts quickly begin an unbiased investigation on your behalf.  Isaac Thorp is a member of the National Fire Protection Association, the organization that sets the standards for science-based forensic analysis and investigation of fire scenes and explosions. We have access to a network of fire experts throughout the country who have performed hundreds of fire investigations.  With your blessing, we can begin the process of determining the cause and origin of the fire, identify who was responsible and how the fire could have been prevented. 

While you heal and cope, potential defendants and their insurance companies may try to settle your claim as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Our experienced burn injury attorneys can help you gain full and fair compensation, advise you against a settlement you may regret—and begin to make your life whole again. 

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Notable Cases


Premises Liability Recovery - $2,570,000 Burn Injury

Isaac assisted Raleigh attorney William Plyler in obtaining $2,570,000 for a firefighter who was badly burned while fighting a fire at an industrial plant. In the previous eighteen years, the plant had 22 fires that required the assistance of firefighters. The fireman sued the plant, successfully contending that the company had failed to properly clean residue from its manufacturing ovens, failed to install oven burner shut-off switches, and failed to install a fire suppression system inside the ovens.

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Electrocution/Wrongful Death/Burn Injury - $1,000,000

The widow of a man who was electrocuted by nearby power lines recovered $1,000,000 from the utility company, which placed the power lines too close to a building in violation of the National Electric Safety Code.  The man was killed while standing on scaffolding to make repairs to the building. The utility contended that contributory negligence was an issue.


Electrocution/Burn Injury Case - $2,500,000

Over the course of his career, Isaac has achieved landmark verdicts. In Martishius v. Carolco Studios Inc., Isaac and his former partner David Kirby obtained a multi-million dollar verdict against a movie studio for a worker who was severely burned by electric power lines while building an outdoor set for the movie "The Crow," starring Brandon Lee.  Thorp and Kirby fought for almost ten years to get their client the justice he deserved.  The process included the defendant declaring bankruptcy, a four week trial, and appeals by the defendant to the North Carolina Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.  Relentless perseverance by Thorp and Kirby resulted at long last in justice for their client. 

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