Trusted Litigation for Inverse Condemnation Claims

A public sewage pipe floods your home. A rerouted airport flight path has planes rattling your roof. Unreasonable government regulations render your property useless.

When you invested in your property, you put your trust in its value. Maybe you made a home there, or otherwise nurtured your investment with care, attention, and financial savvy.

But the local government or the North Carolina Department of Transportation had other plans. These plans have disrupted your life—and they’re impacting and devaluing your investment. Don’t stand by helplessly. Let us fight for your full and fair compensation.

The eminent domain attorneys at Thorp Law are deeply experienced with the often-complicated issues involved with inverse condemnation cases. It’s our job to first identify how the government has damaged your property’s value. Then we gather hard evidence and make a clean and compelling case for the diminished value of your property—and the devastating impact on your investment. If the government condemnor doesn’t make a fair offer, we are unafraid to push the case to trial. There, we’ll prove the full extent of your damages. An inverse condemnation may permanently disrupt the use of your property. It doesn’t have to permanently disrupt your life. Let us help.

If you believe the government has significantly interfered with or devalued your property, you may be able to file an inverse condemnation claim. Fill out a contact form or call Thorp Law today to find out more. 

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