Eminent Domain by Local Governments & Utilities

Sprawling municipal government centers. New schools. More airport runways. Public works positively impact your community, and your life—unless they are slated to run through your property. If so, your land could be subject to seizure through a condemnation proceeding. While you may not be able to stop the condemnation, you can challenge the government’s low-ball offer—and get what you’re due.

Condemnations claims by government for building project


The eminent domain attorneys at Thorp Law understand the emotional trauma of losing your property, and we’re here to help you recover the real value of your land. We relentlessly gather the necessary information—hiring trusted land appraisers, analyzing comparable cases of condemnation, and viewing your property against similar sales—to make a solid case for your land’s highest and best use. We crosscheck the facts and weave together a story that moves the jury to act in your favor. If the condemnor is not willing to offer a fair settlement, we will storm the courthouse gates to fight for your rights.  

Don’t sit back and watch while the government takes your land. Fill out a contact form or call Thorp Law today to gain fair compensation for your property. 

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